Designated Person Policy (Strathroy Minor Baseball Association)

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In accordance with the requirements set out in Rowan’s Law and its associated regulation, every sport organization is required to identify a designated person(s) as having specific responsibilities under the removal-from-sport and return-to-sport protocols. The responsibilities for the designated person(s) may be shared between one or more individuals. If your sport organization has more than one designated person(s), please ensure that each designate is clear about who has what responsibility under the Removal-from-Sport protocol and the Return-to-Sport protocol.


For the purpose of this policy, “Participant” shall mean any individual taking part in a Baseball Ontario sanctioned activity, including athletes, coaches, umpires and volunteers.


Every training, practice and game must have a designated person present.


Under the Removal-from-Sport protocol for Baseball Ontario, the designated person(s) is/are responsible for ensuring that:

· A participant is immediately removed from further training, practice, or game if the participant has sustained a concussion or is suspected of having sustained a concussion, regardless of whether the concussion was sustained from a sport activity associated with Baseball Ontario,

· If in the opinion of the designated person(s), there is an emergency and/or any red flag signs and/or symptoms appear – including those resulting from a suspected concussion, call 911.

· Removal of the participant from further training, practice, or games; and if the participant is 18 years of age and under, the parent or guardian is informed of the removal.

· The participant, or the parent or guardian if the participant is 18 years of age and under, is advised that the participant is required to undergo a medical assessment by a physician or nurse practitioner before the participant will be permitted to return to training, practice, or games according to the Return-to-Sport protocol for Baseball Ontario.

· A participant or, if the participant is 18 years of age and under, the participant’s parent or guardian receives the Removal-from-Sport and Return-to-Sport protocols for Baseball Ontario as soon as possible after the participant’s removal.