Mission Statement (Strathroy Minor Baseball Association)

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Mission Statement of Strathroy Minor Baseball Association

To provide an opportunity for the boys and girls in Strathroy and area to play baseball at the highest level they are capable of playing, whether it be house league or competitive.


To facilitate our Mission Statement we will ensure that certain principals are met:

  • To show respect and act in a respectful manner at all times to players, parents, coaches, volunteers, officials, opposing teams and the community.
  • To create a positive playing environment.
  • To foster an attitude of enthusiasm and maximum effort.
  • To provide state of the art teaching and environment where players learn to play the game of baseball and continuously improve their skill levels and playing ability.
  • To teach players the value of teamwork and that, as a team a group is stronger than its individual parts.
  • To ensure that baseball remains a fun game for all players at all ages.