Players (Strathroy Minor Baseball Association)


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What do I as a player, need for the baseball season?

Grey Pants, Glove, Cleats, Jock/Jill

2.)What does the association provide?
Jersey, hat, and socks
Equipment such as bats, balls, catcher's gear and helmets

3.) What is the schedule like?
Usually each team will have one home game, one away game, and one practice during the week.  The schedule does vary week to week.
There is usually a year end tournament in August (exact weekend TBD)

Rep/Select teams may have multiple tournaments through the year depending on what the coaches schedule.

5u and 7u teams play one evening a week.
4.) At what age can I umpire?
You can register to take the umpire courses at 10 years old.