Player Code of Conduct (Strathroy Minor Baseball Association)

Player Code of Conduct
Please read carefully and sign acknowledging that you have read and understand the players code of conduct. Thank you
I understand that Royals baseball is a highly competitive sport and there are no guarantees as to the amount of playing time or position that I will play during games.  I will agree to listen and follow the instructions of the team Manager and coaching staff at ALL TIMES.

I am aware that the team has limited membership, and as such, that each player's participation (including my own) is crucial in maintaining the high standards of play we are striving to attain.  As such, I understand my attendance at all games, practices, team meetings, scrimmages, and official games is important to the Team's success.

I agree to display good sportsmanship, positive begavious, cheer on my teammates, take pride in personal and team accomplishments, and accept winning or defeat with dignity at all times.

Obey and understand the following:
ATTENDANCE - is mandatory for all practices, scrimmages, games, and functions.  We understand certain issues may arise, but any absences must be approved by the head coach.  Unexacused absebces may result in limited play time or removal from the team.

During games:  I understand that team rules require me and my team mates to remain in the dugout and/or on the bench while the game is going on (AT ALL TIMES).  I am not allowed to sit with parents or with spectators.  Even, if I am not in the games (Excused illness only)

Take pride, care, and wear my uniform properly at all times.

Wear my entire uniform at games (removal of any part for any reason must be first approved by the coach)

During the game, I will know where my equipment is at all times

While in the dugout, I will cheer on my teammates.  No distracting horse-play

I will pay attention to the game on the field at all times.  i will watch and pay attention for base running instructions from the base coaches and not from fans watching the game, including parents.

NO player is to question a coach about player position or playing time during a game.  Either about themselves or in second hand conversation to others.  There are proper times and place for this.  Tournament weekend or games isn't one.

I agree not to : use foul language, physical aggression, and uncooperative behaviour/body language (including: facila expressions, back talk, body gestures that criticize my Manager or any member of the coaching staff or players), arrive to practices, tournements and team functions at desifnated time (that means I am ready to walk onto the field and play the game at all times regardless of position or playing status).  When in the game, I will pay attention to the game and be ready to make a play to help my team at all times.

I am aware and understand that there will be consequences for not following these rules and they are (in no specific order):
change of playing position and/or reduced playing time
removal from the game/line-up
released from the team
running laps, sprints, etc

Should I have any questions concerning specific playing time, poisitions, and/or concerns regarding interest in specific areas of the game, I will discuss this matter with my manager or coaches directly at the appropraite time and place (outside of games)

Failure to live up to the Code of Conduct, whether it be by the athlete or parent, may result in one of the following sanctions being imposed by the Coach and/or the Disciplinary Committee upon the athlete:
Suspension from the team - the suspension imposed may range anywhere from one game or practice to one or more games or weeks, depending upon the severity of the misconduct and the surrounding circumstances
Dismissal from the team for the remainder of the season
Permanent dismissal from the Strathroy Minor Baseball Association

Failure to comply with Royals baseball player/parent handbook codes of conduct.  Two or more unexcused absences from scheduled practices, games, or meetings.
Walking out on practices, meetings, or games.
Exhibiting disrespectful or negative bahaviour towards teammates, coaches, officials, or spectators by player or player's parents/guardians.  Each case will be handled on an individual basis.
Use of Alcohol, Illlegal Drugs, or Tobacco during the season.  Players caught using these (or showing up to an event under the influence of these) will be immediately dismissed from the team.  Not only is the use of these drugs illegal, but they also severly inhibit a player's ability to perform at a championship level.